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August 2018
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Copywriters are called upon to write web content on a wide variety of subjects. For example over the last three years I have written content for Emergency electricians, Plumbers, Freight companies, A chef’s academy, restaurants, a signage company, safari organizers, tourism, an aviation school, photographers, a hair restoration clinic and many more. What this all boils down to is that any good copywriter first of all has to research the subject being written about. Thank goodness for the Internet.

In order to write good relevant articles for a website copywriters first of all have to know about what the website is trying to achieve. This is accomplished in the first place by meeting with the website owner and by studying the existing website. Further research comes can come from books, but the greater part comes from research on the Internet, and a great deal of information can be obtained from websites such as Wikipedia and, of course, Google. Web copywriters have to be careful about plagiarism – much of the Internet is copyrighted, and information has to be re-written in such a way that it differs from any content already on the Internet. Search engines such as Google will identify any content that is identical to content already on the Internet – and they don’t like it.

What it all boils down to is that copywriting for the Internet is a Fine Art. Not everyone can write copy that is unique, interesting, relevant and uses good grammar and spelling. There is nothing worse than a website in which the copy has quite obviously been written by a not very good copywriter in a third world country. Far too many webmasters are making use of of the cheap rates being charged by content writers in third world countries, with the result that content is frequently gramatically incorrect and the spelling far from perfect. Google and other search engines now take this into account during their searches.

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