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August 2018
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North Country Web Services was created by copywriter/web designer Mike Mason in order to fill an obvious gap in the Information Technology Services of the North Country. Mike specializes in creating web pages and content that is affordable by North Country businesses, organizations and individuals. Based in Lyndonville Vermont, he is in an ideal position to service the northern regions of both New Hampshire and Vermont, but is by no means limited to those regions.

Mike has more than 6,500 keyword based articles and landing pages published on the Internet since 2005, and has masses of experience in writing web content, specifically for Search Engine Optimization and SEOs. He is a one time Navy Top-Gun, Actor, Poet, Artist, Wood-turner, Web designer, Singer, Copywriter and soon-to-be Author – a colorful past. He has traveled widely and has visited every continent and met with World leaders.

Mike was educated at Bromsgrove School in the Worcestershire countryside in England, and later at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Served an eight year Commission as an Observer in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy in the Buccaneer Strike Jet and specialized as an Air Warfare and Air Weapons Instructor, surviving a mid-air collision and a crash landing on separate occasions. He relocated from the United Kingdom to Rhodesia in 1972 and served in the Department of Civil Aviation as an Air Traffic Controller. He was married in Salisbury in 1981. Later served at Biggin Hill Airport, Johannesburg International and Abu Dhabi as Senior Air Traffic Controller.

During his time in Rhodesia he developed a keen interest in the theater, appearing in several plays at Salisbury Repertory Theatre under the professional direction of Adrian Stanley. He retired from Air Traffic Control in 1989 and took up a position at a large private high school in Johannesburg as Network Supervisor and Head of Computer Administration. He was divorced from his first wife in 2002 and is now married to Liz, a Southern Belle whom he met on the Internet on Christmas Day 2001.

Mike retired from his previous position in December 2005, and relocated to the peace and quiet of Martindale in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where he and Liz had a small farm, which they have recently sold before relocating to New England. It was in the Eastern Cape that Mike started writing for the Internet.

Mike has a 36 year-old daughter, Julie Anne, who is married to Jake and lives in Vermont, USA. Julie and Jake have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Grace Mae, and two sons, Owen and Luke.