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July 2018
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Corporate Communications is not just the concept of how an entity presents its image to the public and to its clients. It is also the way it presents itself to its employees, for they are the people who see the organization from the inside on a day-to-day basis. It is the employees who, in turn, become the interface between the corporate body and its public. It is a duty of every company to share information with its employees in order to build up employee pride, and to encourage and enable them to plan new ideas and effectively implement them. The technology that drives communication is changing exponentially, and a progressive companies have to keep abreast of those changes, incorporating them into new ideas for dynamic corporate communications.

The next fifty years will see massive changes in communication technology, its products, and its influence. Already the emergence of new media has affected the lives of millions of people throughout the world. The old cumbersome television tube has given way to LED and Plasma screens. Last year saw the world’s first Laser TV, a technology that uses lasers to create an on-screen display many times more vibrant and crystal-clear than a standard High Definition television set. Japanese companies are already planning to have Holographic TV ready for the consumer market by the year 2020.

All of the major electronics companies such as Sony, Phillips, Mitsubishi and JVC have been aggressively experimenting with 3D technology for some years now. The cheap red and blue-lensed glasses of the ‘60s have given way to hi-tech electronic glasses with lenses that alternatively switch on and off, so that each eye sees a different image. There have already been live 3D TV broadcasts of major sporting events in the United States , and ESPN regularly broadcasts to theaters around that country. Current research using multi-cameras and PCs is has already shown that true 3D TV without the use of glasses will be ready for the consumer market in the not too distant future. Animation techniques and software have also shown vast improvements over recent years, giving marketing companies a far wider scope of possibilities for communicating corporate identity.

All of this new technology is set to take the media and events industries by storm, and gives industry professionals such as ourselves the means to create stunning visual effects, raising the excitement of the viewing experience. These new technologies, coupled with up-to-the-minute software, mean that creative and virtual eventing are set to reach new heights. Universal awareness of such concepts as the environment, global warming and mass poverty makes the corporate image all the more important. Research has shown that corporate communications officers will, over the next year, be focusing more on social responsibility, social media and reputation. Corporate communications, both internal and external, will benefit more and more in the future from these latest technologies. One thing you can be sure of, whatever the next big thing in corporate communications is, we will be right there on top of it.


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