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July 2018
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The content of any website is extremely important if you want a regular supply of visitors. Website content includes everything – graphics, text, applets, whatever. Each part has to work together with the object of generating a website experience that wins over visitors and changes them into buyers. The most effective website content will drive a mass of search engine traffic to your site. Take time to research what keywords and phrases are the most popular while still being relevant to your products or services. There is an excellent tool here that you can use to discover what these most popular words and phrases are, and then incorporate them into the content of your website. There are two ways of doing this. You can either write the content yourself or you can invest a little money and have the content written professionally. The latter choice can pay huge dividends, for many professional content writers have been writing specifically with search engine optimization in mind. They know what search engines such as Google and Yahoo are looking for in website content, and write their articles with just this in mind.

Search engine optimization is the process of arranging both the visible and invisible (html) content of your website so that it is looked upon favorably by search engines, the ultimate result of which is a steady stream of visitors to the website. The landing page of your website is the most important, for this is the page that a visitor sees first. It must be interesting and it must link to other interesting pages. There is little point in having a fancy website that incorporates flash if your visitors take one look, decide that they cannot wait for the flash to load, and exit the site after just a few seconds. Believe me – that is what occurs frequently on flash powered websites. Good content has to appeal to both visitors and search engines.

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